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News that Gordon Brown met the French president and the European commission on Monday has rather upset the German government who were left out of the talks. The talks were aimed at finding a...
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Household bills News - Last Updated Monday 8th December 2008 Syndicate this
Queen orders royal Christmas cutbacks

Monday 8th December 2008

The Queen is reportedly putting in place a series of credit crunch-busting measures this Christmas.

A �50 cap on the royal family's gifts, an order to re-use leftovers from festive meals and even a bar on extravagant crackers have been imposed by the penny-pinching monarch, the News of the World reports.

Prince William and prince Harry have also been told by their grandmother to take a "low-key" holiday this winter.

A need to not appear insensitive as the rest of the country suffers in the economic downturn is at the root of the cost-cutting, a royal insider told the newspaper.

"The directive has come from the top that the family must be in tune with the rest of the country," they said.

"She is aware that extravagance would not be welcomed at this time."

Latest unemployment forecasts from business leaders suggest that another 900,000 Britons could lose their jobs by 2010.

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