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Household bills News - Last Updated Monday 22nd December 2008 Syndicate this
Morrisons reduces price of diesel to under one pound

Monday 22nd December 2008

It just goes to show that competition is the best way to induce price reductions across the UK with news that Morrisons has today cut the price of diesel to under one pound a litre. This is the first time diesel has been under one pound a litre for many months and has been welcomed by diesel users across the UK. This will no doubt induce a competitive edge amongst the major retailers in the UK as they are rumoured to use petrol and diesel as a very useful entry point to attract customers.

For many years diesel had been much cheaper than petrol although over the last couple of years this phenomenon has changed due in part to a rise in the price of diesel on the wholesale market and the ever increasing number of diesel cars on the market. Commonly used in agriculture and business, any reduction in the price of diesel is likely to lead to cost reductions for many businesses which will be gratefully received at this point of the economic cycle.

Petrol has also come down in price of late and is now below the 90p a litre mark which is substantially down on the earlier highs in 2008.

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